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PDO Smooth & Lift Threads

Introducing PDO smooth and lift threads – the non-surgical solution to aging gracefully! At Beautifully New, our boutique medical aesthetic practice in Park Ridge, Illinois, we offer this revolutionary treatment to lift sagging skin, smooth fine lines, and restore youthfulness to the face, neck, and body. PDO threads stimulate collagen production for natural-looking, long-lasting results that leave you looking and feeling beautiful.

A Non-Surgical Facelift Like No Other

If you’re looking for a way to lift and tighten your aging skin, but the idea of surgery makes you uneasy, we have great news! PDO threads are the latest innovation in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. By using cutting-edge cosmetic sutures, PDO thread lifts can smooth and tighten sagging skin for a more youthful appearance without surgery or downtime!

Beautifully New, our medical aesthetic practice in Park Ridge, offers this revolutionary treatment to help you achieve your desired look without surgery. With a team of experienced aestheticians led by Danielle Oyasu, we can help you rediscover your youthful beauty with a PDO thread lift. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about this exciting treatment option.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The length of the PDO threads facelift procedure can vary depending on the extent of the treatment, typically taking between 30 minutes to 2 hours. After the treatment, it’s common for your face to feel slightly puffy and appear red. Minor bruising may occur, but these side effects should subside within a day.

Caring for Your Skin Post-Facelift

Following your PDO thread lift treatment, you can immediately return to your normal routine, but we recommend taking it easy for a few days. Your face may be tender, and you should avoid touching it for a few hours. Additionally, we suggest avoiding making exaggerated gestures, as this movement may loosen or even break the sutures.

For the first week following treatment, we advise against extensive physical exertion and suggest sticking to low-impact exercises like walking. After that, you can gradually resume your normal lifestyle. Your PDO thread facelift results will typically last 5 to 6 months. For more information, please contact us at Beautifully New.

Benefits of PDO Threads

PDO threads are more than just sutures – they’re the key to achieving a tighter, more youthful complexion without surgery! These innovative threads work by creating micro-injuries in the skin, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. As these essential proteins increase, your skin becomes firmer, softer, and more voluminous, resulting in a brighter, blemish-free complexion and a more defined facial shape.
Experience the transformative power of PDO smooth & lift threads at Beautifully New! Our cutting-edge treatment offers a range of benefits, including:

  • A lifted appearance for droopy eyebrows
  • Reduced appearance of crow’s feet and tightened skin around the eyes
  • Decreased size of under-eye bags
  • Lifted sagging cheeks and reduced marionette lines
  • Smoother nasolabial folds
  • Tightened sagging jowls and a double chin reduction
  • Lifted and tightened neck skin

Don’t let sagging skin hold you back – schedule a consultation with our skilled aestheticians to learn more about how PDO smooth & lift threads can help you achieve the youthful, vibrant appearance you deserve!

What Are PDO Threads?

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are medical-grade sutures that are FDA approved. They are made from a single filament as thin as a strand of human hair, making them incredibly gentle on the skin and minimizing the risk of infection or scarring. The threads come in multiple braid types, each suitable for different face and neck areas.

There are two types of PDO threads – barbed and non-barbed. Barbed threads have microscopic barb-like projections that sink into the skin, providing lift and support to the dermal tissues. They are used in areas of the face with more severe signs of aging that require extensive lifting. Non-barbed threads are used in areas where lifting is more mild.

PDO threads are specifically designed for cosmetic treatments and are toxins-free. Research has shown that the threads contain ingredients that can soothe and relax the muscles in the area where they are embedded. They remain in place for a few months before naturally dissolving, eliminating the need for removal.

It may take 4 to 5 months for the threads to be fully absorbed, and their lifting and smoothing effect can last several weeks after absorption. This makes them ideal for facelifts, as only one treatment is needed to achieve a complete facelift for up to 5 or 6 months, or even longer, with the right skincare routine.

The PDO Thread Facelift Process

Before starting the procedure, we ask that you remove any makeup and lie on the treatment bed. Although the treatment is relatively pain-free, you may experience minor discomfort as the sutures are inserted into your skin. Our staff will apply numbing agents to your face and neck to minimize discomfort. Once you are numbed, we will begin the suturing process using a needle-like device called a cannula.

During the consultation, we will develop a treatment plan that identifies the areas of your face and neck that require lifting, tightening, and smoothing. We will begin in one area of the face and work our way over the entire facial, chin, and neck regions. Rest assured that our cannula is extremely fine, and the PDO threads will not leave scars. Once the sutures have settled into your skin, you will hardly notice them.

Meet Danielle Oyasu, Our Founder

Danielle Oyasu, the founder of Beautifully New and a distinguished MINT PDO National Trainer, embodies a profound commitment to aesthetic medicine. Her expertise not only reflects extensive experience but also assures the use of cutting-edge techniques for natural, enduring outcomes. This elite designation highlights her dedication to excellence, positioning Beautifully New as the premier choice for graceful aging solutions.

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If you’re looking for natural and stunning results that leave you feeling confident and beautiful, visit us at Beautifully New! Conveniently located in Park Ridge, our team of skilled aestheticians is dedicated to meeting all your aesthetic needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation – we can’t wait to meet you and help you look and feel your best!

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