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Introducing: the Juvederm Family of Fillers

You’re probably familiar with Botox, the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, but have you considered Juvéderm? The Juvéderm family of fillers is one of the safest dermal fillers for facial rejuvenation. They’re produced by Allergan, the company that makes Botox.

What Do Juvederm Products Contain?

Juvéderm injectable gels are made from hyaluronic acid (HA). Your skin cells produce HA naturally to maintain moisture levels, but environmental factors and aging affect HA levels, giving rise to fine lines, skin sensitivity, and uneven tone and texture. Juvéderm offers a great opportunity to replenish your skin’s HA levels, keeping it hydrated and looking attractive and healthy!

Here’s what Juvéderm can achieve for you:
• Decrease your facial lines
• Plump your lips
• Add volume to different areas of your face
• Provide a youthful contour to your face

Receive the Juvéderm injectable treatment at our modern and friendly center. It’s a versatile aesthetic solution that targets a variety of skin and aging-related issues. You can get results for about six months from Juvéderm, although results can last as long as two years.

Your Guide to the Different Juvederm Products

Each member of the Juvéderm family addresses a specific skin issue. To understand the features of each of the dermal fillers and how they contribute to amazing results, here’s a simple glossary.

Cohesivity: The capacity of the dermal filler to retain its integrity and minimize surface irregularities.

Water affinity: Tells you how well the filler retains moisture.

G Prime: Tells you how the filler maintains its shape when force is applied. A dermal filler with a high G prime is firmer and tends to keep its shape. If you’re interested in a facelift, you may want a filler that has a greater lifting capacity.

HA concentration: Dermal fillers with a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid are thicker and have greater gel-like consistency.

Let’s dive into the different Juvéderm products!

Juvederm Volbella

Volbella is thin and soft, which makes it the choice to minimize fine, shallow lines. It is ideal to treat vertical lip lines. As Volbella has a low water affinity, it can add only some amount of volume to the lips. On the bright side, it causes very little swelling.

The dermal filler softens the fine lines of your face through hydration and structural support. It is also used to impart a soothing effect on the thin and delicate area under the eyes. The results of one treatment can last up to a year.

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Juvederm Voluma XC

One of the noticeable effects of age is the sagging that happens in the midface. The nasolabial folds (laugh lines) running from the corners of your nose to your mouth start forming and become deep with time.

Volume XC’s low water affinity and high G Prime makes it suitable to address midfacial aging. It restores lost volume in your mid-face, cheeks, and temple, adding youthfulness and vivacity to facial features. The filler is also used to change the contours of your chin and lessen mild to moderate irregularities on the nose. Results can last up to two years.

Juvederm Vollure

The areas around your nose and mouth can become etched with lines and accumulate folds as you age. Vollure XC does an excellent job resolving these aging effects temporarily.

Vollure XC is soft but has a high G Prime. That makes the dermal filler effective in lightening deep lines around the nose and mouth.

Don’t worry, the treatment won’t affect your natural facial movements and expressions in any way. Your face can be as animated as you want, only your skin will remain smooth and those wrinkles and fine lines won’t emerge prominently when you smile or laugh!

Results can last up to 18 months.

Juvederm Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC

Ultra XC has a high water affinity and less firmness, which means it retains moisture to effectively enhance your lips. The filler is injected on the lip line, Cupid’s Bow or the inside of the lips to add plumpness or ensure alignment between the upper and lower lips. Depending on the aesthetic outcomes you wish to achieve, our doctor will inject the filler in appropriate areas of your lips.

Ultra Plus XC is thick and viscous, making it less suitable for the lips and more geared to deeper facial lines and hollows. This dermal filler is used when you need to correct severe or moderate laugh lines and puppet lines (marionette folds). It also treats hollows under the eye and on the upper cheek.

Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus XC last up to one year.

FAQs on Juvederm

1. How long does the treatment take?
Depending on the area(s) to be improved, the entire treatment can take between 15 to 60 minutes.

2. What does Juvéderm treatment involve?
Our aesthetic professional first applies a topical anesthetic. A fine needle is placed in the target areas and the filler is slowly injected. The needle is then removed gently from the skin. You may feel slight discomfort but it goes away quickly. The XC version of the filler contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic that blocks nerve signals. As it is already mixed into the filler, you may experience less discomfort.

3. Can I continue taking my regular medications before the treatment?
Your doctor will provide clear pre-treatment instructions. Generally, patients on blood-thinning medications are asked to discontinue their regimen a week before treatment. As blood thinners slow the clotting of blood, they pose a risk of bleeding and bruising. We advise you to consult your primary care physician before stopping or making any changes to your medications.

4. What can I expect after the treatment?
It is common to experience a bit of swelling, redness and bruising. We do our best to minimize side-effects. We recommend scheduling your treatment at least three weeks before any important event that you may have coming up.

5. How long before I see results from Juvéderm?
The time taken to see results depends on the type of filler chosen for treatment. Typically, the improvements become evident two to three weeks after treatment.

To find out more about Juvederm and the different types of fillers, contact us today!

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